The Most Popular Meals On The Bar BQ Plaza Menu

Since its establishment in 1987, Bar BQ Plaza has added more variety to its menu over the years. From its signature cook-it-yourself dishes to cooked dishes, ala-carte dishes and sets were also introduced eventually, giving patrons a much wider selection of foods to suit their individual preferences.

Every set on the menu is designed to give a proper balanced diet between carbohydrates, meat and vegetables. A generous selection is provided to provide hearty meals that caters to your bodily needs and of course, personal preference.

The Bar BQ Plaza menu has a widespread selection of different cuts and types of meat ranging from the affordable Economy set to the Deluxe Supreme set. Apart from this, popular sets also include those from the Black menu, providing 3 choices of premium meat – Wagyu Beef, US Pork Chop with Himalaya Salt and Black Pepper Pork Chop.

Dedicated member sets are also available at a discounted price for Bar BQ Plaza members only. There’s a set for everyone in Bar BQ Plaza, this includes family-oriented sets with a Family package that comes with pork, imported Australian beef or mixed sets to get a little bit of everything. There’s even a Happy kid’s set that features 3 different main courses alongside 3 side dishes just for kids.

In addition, you can also add on readily cooked items to your food galore. The ala-carte menu features a variety of dishes you can choose from that will be cooked upon order to complete your meal the way you want it.

Is your mouth watering from imagining yet? Head over to your nearest Bar BQ Plaza outlet now to have a hearty meal with friends and family! See you there!

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