The Standard and management principle for Bar B Q Plaza

Bar B Q is in food industry, where there is a high level of competition. Over the past 20years, Bar B Q Plaza has continuously building its network and expanding its branches.  As of today, Bar B Q Plaza is the biggest restaurantin barbecue and grilling category and is considered the 3rd biggest casual dining restaurant in Thailand. Furthermore, it is ranked in the top ten chain restaurants, compared to both local and international brands. Since its start with only 30 employees, Bar B Q Plaza has developed its management to respond, in a timely manner, to the future business expansion.

The management is also well prepared for active competition in the market. For the present organization structure, each branch is supervised by its Branch Manager, while District Manager and General Manager supervises all of them at the upper levels respectively. Meanwhile, marketing professionals are recruited to be responsible for active marketing plan as this is the focus of Bar B Q Plaza.  

Quality of Service of Staff

Today Bar B Q Plaza has become a strong and professional restaurant which can complete with leading restaurants, from both domestic and international chains, and can be considered to operate at the standard of international restaurants.

Every staff of Bar B Q Plaza is well trained. At the training center of the company, each staff learns the operation of the restaurant. Also, they are trained to do their job skillfully. Both in-house and external trainers provide the staff with regular training courses which enhance their knowledge and competency

Standard and Service

BarB Q Plaza’s policies emphasize the development of its food quality and service to be as high as the standard of international franchises. The standard and service, together with the quality of its food and the taste of its sauce, lead to swift brand acceptance and reliability. Due to the strengths in its delicious taste and excellent management, the restaurant obtains more customer reception and can expand the number of its branches. Meanwhile, believing in the potential and ability to attract customers, shopping centers?demand for the establishment of Bar B Q Plaza in their store is also growing. 

Bar B Q Plaza’s policies in food and service are as follows: 

  • Quality: This is the quality of food. Through careful selection, only fresh and clean food is offered at Bar B Q Plaza. This includes, for example, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetable, and the sauce, which is specially prepared using the unique recipe of Bar B Q Plaza.
  • Service: This is prompt and polite service by our staff. All Bar B Q Plaza staff are well trained to ensure that customers receive polite and friendly service since they step into the restaurant. Also, to impress our customers, the food is served quickly and precisely in accordance with the order.
  • Cleanliness: The premise is well cleaned. Every area in the restaurant, the service area or the kitchen area, for example, is extensively cleaned by our staff. Every staff also dresses neatly in accordance with the rules.
  • Value: Bar B Q Plaza realizes the significance of nutritious food and reasonable price. The restaurant, therefore, selects only good quality products for our customers in order to deliver these values.
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